The Bridesmaids


Jade Durkee

The Other Half

Jade is the bride’s identical twin sister. While they are both similar in many ways, their traits have always complimented each other’s. Jade is outgoing and protective of her sister, who is slightly more reserved. Jade’s acceptance of the groom speaks to his character.  While Matt is Savannah’s soulmate, no one will know her like her twin.


Ally DiPace

The Keeper of Secrets

Ally has known the bride since her embarrassing and awkward middle school years. She is the friend who dished out ice cream after every breakup. Some of the most fun and trouble has occurred with Ally by the bride’s side. She is one of the most loyal people Savannah knows.


Olivia Williams

The Adventurer

Olivia and the bride became close friends in high school. She is the first to try to brighten up Savannah’s day.  She makes the bride smile in the littlest of ways, dropping by with treats, wine and a nonjudgmental ear.  You will typically find them having weekly dinners and hiking the Adirondacks. She was even there for the proposal!


Hannah Alexander

The Voice of Reason

The bride met Hannah in undergrad at SUNY Plattsburgh. What makes Hannah unique is her emotional intelligence. She is a friend who responds with compassion and understanding through tough times. Savannah also appreciates her quirky side and sense of humor. She is sure you will too.


The Grooms' Men & Woman


Greg Holcomb

The Source of Childhood Trauma

Starting as the typical older brother relationship with beatings and insults, a close friendship has developed. Matt has always idolized his older brother but finds it annoying he can't beat Greg at anything. As irritating as that is, Matt wouldn't want anyone else at his side on his wedding day.


Faith Holcomb

The "Perfect Child"

Coming along 14 years late and completely ruining the good thing Matt had going, Faith has somehow become one of his closest friends. She is more like Matt than she may admit. Both for instance, have very "Healthy Egos". Bonding over their love of food, movies, and gentle taunting, she weaseled her way into the Wedding Party.

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Mark Stewart

The Get Out of Jail Free Card

Matt would not be the man he is today without Mark. Most likely because he would still be sitting in his bedroom. The classic extrovert who adopts an introvert story.
Mark is in the Wedding Party as Matt's Best Friend , his assignment: make sure Matt doesn't get cold feet. As a police officer he can do so by force.


Shane Hall

The Club Champ

Matt's cousin and Golf Instructor. He's exceled at the first and failed at the latter. They share a love of everything sports to video games. Golf is a passion for both of them but only Shane has talent. That doesn't stop him from playing with Matt though. Shane is always called to round out the golf foursome but this time he will round out the Groomsmen Foursome.